How Big is the Restoration Industry?

The restoration industry is something most people devote little thought to until they need a mold, water, or fire damage professional. The truth is, the restoration industry is growing rapidly and plays a huge role in the care and safety of individuals across the world. Exactly how big is the restoration industry, and why is it important to advocate for these professionals?

What is the Restoration Industry?

The restoration industry refers (as a whole) to professionals who help clean up damage from natural disasters. Fire, mold, moisture, and wind damage tend to cause a lot of problems across the country, especially in recent years. Independent contractors in the restoration industry equip homeowners to deal with damage from natural disasters, whether minor or major.

It is important to note that restoration goes beyond rebuilding a home wiped out by a tornado. Rather, restoration is all about nipping small problems in the bud before they can cause long-term damage. Even small leaks need to be restored before mold accumulates.

Ways the Restoration Industry is Growing

As already mentioned, the restoration industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Studies show that the industry is worth $210 billion annually and increasing. The growth of the restoration industry can be attributed to several factors.

1.   Technological Advancements

As technology improves, so does the business of those who rely on technology to thrive. While restoration and cleanup might not seem like a technological task, better technology means better equipment. High-quality equipment enables independent contractors to test for hidden damage such as mold, as well as provides a quicker method of restoration.

2.   Increased Marketing

In this day and age, technology and marketing go hand in hand. An increase in digital marketing makes homeowners aware of health risks within their own homes. For example, a homeowner may not realize that their chronic allergies are a symptom of mold growth caused by water damage in their home. Marketing by a restoration employee helps that homeowner to realize what the problem is and call a professional to remedy it.

As digital marketing has improved over the years, so has business for many independent contractors.

3.   Recent Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have long played a role in world history, but it seems that they have been especially prominent in recent years. Fortunately, time and technology have helped people better prepare. With the help of weather technology, major storms are typically identified before occurring. This enables individuals to call a restoration professional ahead of time, increasing their business.

4.   Increased Awareness of Health Risks

As already mentioned, awareness plays a huge role in the success of the restoration industry. Simply knowing the dangers of unattended water, fire, or mold damage makes a homeowner more likely to call a professional.

Why the Restoration Industry is Important

Again, most people devote little thought to the industry as a whole. However, it plays a vital role in society for the following reasons.

●   It provides a quick solution to emergency situations.

When an unexpected wildfire or flood occurs, it is extremely important that homeowners know who to call for help.

●   It prevents long-term issues from occurring.

Even if the home is standing and there is no visible damage, the expert eye of a restoration employee can detect minor issues and stop them from growing.

●   It empowers individuals to help others while maintaining control over their independent businesses.

It is important to keep the business of independent contractors alive. The restoration industry allows homeowners to support a local business and receive a valuable service in return.

What is the Mission of RAF?

RAF’s purpose is to protect the rights and make heard the voices of honest, hard-working, independent contractors. We advocate for professionals in the mold, fire, water, and wind damage industry. If you are interested in becoming a member of RAF or have any further questions, call us today.

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