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Restoration Association of Florida (RAF) is a non-profit restoration contractors association whose mission is to serve as an advocate for independent contractors who specialize in water, fire and mold restoration.


Actively helping to protect & preserve the rights of honest working individuals in the restoration and remediation industries. We are always focused on protecting the rights of independent contractors.


Become part of a community of independent contractors working toward the common goals that benefit the Mold, Water, Fire, and Wind damage industry.


We respectfully share information and restoration contractor resources to educate homeowners and others on their rights to hire the Independent Contractors of their choice.

Homeowner Roofing


Our goal is to grow our reconstruction contractor association memberships to help inform other industry professionals, homeowners, and those who are passionate about knowing their rights.


membership options

RAF memberships offer industry related education, representation in the state’s capital, a strong network of restoration industry professionals and so much more!

Restoration Association Members

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What Our Members Say

We’re thankful for our members who make a difference in their community and help us do the same.

We appreciate your commitment and we are excited to continue sharing what we do together.

If you're not already a member, consider joining today! 😎

Consider making a donation to RAF this holiday season! Your donations allow us and our board members gain the exposure we need to make a difference in our industry.

Learn more about how you can donate and what your donation means to RAF below! 🤝 https://bit.ly/38i6ZPD

Did you know that Florida has some of the highest self-employment rates in the country!
In order to see how small/micro businesses fare in various locations around the country, we took a look at the cities with the most self-employed workers. 🔍


“In many ways, 2020 will be an opportunity for the business community to unite and keep the economy going.”
- Mark Wilson

Although this year has been filled with some worry and concern about the financial future for many jobs, it is time to get hopeful!


Thank you for being a member of the RAF community. We value you! 😀

Whether it’s the people we serve or the staff that helps to make our organization great, we are grateful to have such an amazing group of supporters.

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