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Restoration Association of Florida (RAF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve as an advocate for independent contractors who specialize in water, fire and mold restoration.


Actively helping to protect & preserve the rights of honest working individuals. We are always focused on protecting the rights of independent contractors.


Become part of a community of independent contractors working toward the common goals that benefit the Mold, Water, Fire, and Wind damage industry.


We respectfully share information and work to educate homeowners and others on their rights to hire the Independent Contractors of their choice.

Homeowner Roofing


Our goal is to grow our memberships to help inform other industry professionals, homeowners, and those who are passionate about knowing their rights.


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RAF memberships offer industry related education, representation in the state’s capital, a strong network of restoration industry professionals and so much more!

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What Our Members Say

Stay up to date with everything happening with RAF by becoming a member! With a membership you'll get:

✓ Instant legislation updates
✓ Receive the first official invitations to meetings
✓ Access to industry documents & more!

Check out our plans: http://raflorida.org/memberships

Emergency managers are dealing with limited resources as we're getting closer to hurricane season from the current pandemic.

Read more below ⬇️ and stay tuned for more updates from us this season! #emergency #hurricaneseason https://bit.ly/2V1L5rA

What does it mean to be an advocate? Advocacy can have many purposes including:

• Raised awareness of little-known issues
• Defense of the defenseless
• Development of personal beliefs and morals

Read more below in our blog! #advocacy #contractor

Meteorologists are predicting an above-average hurricane season this year during its peak with 2-4 major storms on the horizon.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the start of the season in June! #hurricaneseason #florida https://bit.ly/2yrUam1

We have a webinar coming up tomorrow with an update on the Coronavirus as well as a membership meeting with important RAF announcements.

Sign up to become a member to get access to the call! This is the best way to stay informed on RAF. Learn more: https://bit.ly/memberships-raf

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