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Restoration Association of Florida (RAF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the rights of the independent contractor specializing in water, fire and mold restoration.


Actively helping to protect & preserve the rights of honest working individuals. We are always focused on protecting the rights of independent contractors.


Building a community of independent contractors that help propel improvements to benefit the Mold, Water, Fire, and Wind damage industry is our goal.


Educating the homeowners and other sources on their rights to hire the Independent Contractors of their choice is information that should be shared respectfully.

Homeowner Roofing


Our goal is to grow our memberships to help inform other industry professionals, homeowners, and those who are passionate about knowing their rights.


membership options

RAF memberships offer industry related education, representation in the state’s capital, a strong network of industry professionals and so much more!

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What Our Members Say

In today's town hall meeting, we hosted a panel to discuss our opposition to House and Senate bills that favor insurance companies. These bills fail to address the needs of homeowners and contractors. Read more below for their stories. #Florida #AOB https://t.co/Jv951KODzA

Help us say hello to our new member, @damagectrl911! They offer fire, mold, and water remediation in Orlando and surrounding areas. We are thrilled to have you join RAF and help us be a voice to independent contractors! Check out their website: https://t.co/ggrdP1tIx0

It's time for another RAF Networking Happy Hour! Join us in Ft. Lauderdale to help us continue to build a stronger community of independent contractors. It will be a night of fun and a chance to network with industry professionals! Tickets are free! RSVP: https://t.co/CXmlIZWicY

A legislature is considering letting insurance companies off the hook for dragging their feet with homeowner claims. Watch below ⬇️ #HurricaneIrma #hurricane #Florida #insurance #AOB #AOB https://t.co/WtJMexL1gJ

Welcome to RAF, WrapRoof! Their technology works to stop all leaks and provide the best temporary roofing solution on the market. We are thrilled to have them join our cause help be a voice for independent contractors! Check out their website: https://t.co/fPmXZTt0rq

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