What Is an Independent Contractor Advocate?

Raf member meeting discussing advocacy.

You have likely heard the word “advocate” used in many contexts. However, advocacy goes far beyond the standard definition. As an advocate, we play an important role in securing the rights of independent contractors who work in Florida.

The Definition of an Advocate

What is an advocate?

In its simplest form, an advocate is a firm supporter of a thing, person, or cause. Advocates display public support of the item in question and actively seek to promote that item.

Often, advocates speak on behalf of individuals whose voices would not be otherwise heard. For example, minorities who naturally fade into the background benefit from the voice and support of a loyal advocate. A few examples include, lawyers who are often advocates for individuals (such as children) who have suffered from abuse.

The Purpose of Advocacy

Not only does advocacy assist a person or the cause they speak for, but it also helps you form opinions and beliefs regarding sensitive issues. In short, advocacy provides the following benefits:

  • Raised awareness of little-known issues
  • Defense of the defenseless
  • Development of personal beliefs and morals

How Can You Be an Advocate?

Everybody is an advocate of something, whether they realize it or not. Perhaps you are an advocate of recycling, healthy eating, or fitness. Some people advocate more passionately than others. If you aren’t sure how to actively support a topic of interest, consider the following thoughts.

  • Research controversial topics.

If you aren’t sure of your position on current issues, take the time to research information on both sides. This will help you formulate arguments so that you can reach a conclusion and effectively support it.

  • Write down your thoughts and opinions.

You won’t remember everything you research. It is important to record your findings so that you can refer back to them later.

  • Condense your arguments into concise statements.

Once you have reached a conclusion, work on developing concise statements that reflect your position. People enjoy listening to advocates who speak clearly.

  • Utilize media.

Don’t be afraid to write, post, and project your thoughts. Modern technology provides an amazing opportunity to make your voice heard through social media. Do not neglect that privilege.

  • Put actions to your words.

Most importantly, your actions should complement your words. If you advocate for something in word but not deed (such as recycling), you will not be viewed as a credible source.

Remember that advocacy comes in various packages, including self-advocacy, group advocacy, citizen advocacy, and professional advocacy. Advocate for what you feel is important, but remember many issues are merely a matter of opinion.

The Restoration Association of Florida

RAF’s mission centers around advocacy. Our purpose is to protect the rights and make heard the voices of honest, hard-working, independent contractors. We advocate for professionals in the mold, fire, water, and wind damage industry. If you are interested in becoming a member of RAF or have any further questions, call us today.

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