Working Together to Effect Change in the Restoration Industry

Between 1953 and 2021 Florida experienced 135 natural disasters and the numbers in recent years have been increasing. In addition to natural disasters, Florida is also home to over one thousand wildfires each year. Because of its track record Florida has been ranked the 5th most likely state to experience natural disasters.

As a result, the restoration in Florida has grown to include businesses that specialize in things such as fire damage, water restoration, and mold prevention. In Orlando alone, there are over 150 restoration companies listed on Google and even more are listed in the larger coastal cities.

What is the Restoration Business?

The restoration business is in short a group of trained professionals who assess and clean up the damage that is experienced from natural disasters, fire, mold, water, wind, etc. However, restoration businesses aren’t just there for the big damages. Part of the job that comes with being in the restoration business is working to prevent problems from arising in the first place. For instance, leaks or moisture causes mold so in addition to repairs, part of the job is to stop larger and costlier damages from happening down the road.

What’s driving the growth of the restoration industry?

The restoration industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Studies show that the industry is worth $210 billion annually and increasing. The growth of the restoration industry can be attributed to several factors.

1.  Improved Technology

Higher-quality equipment enables better testing. For the mold industry this has given independent contractors the ability to test for hidden damage as well as provides a quicker method of restoration.

2.   Consumer Education

An increase in marketing by restoration companies has made homeowners aware of health risks within their own homes and helped to increase interest in testing and prevention.

3.   Natural Disasters

With the recent onset of storms and other natural disasters, the need for restoration professionals has grown.

4.  Awareness of Health Risks

As already mentioned, awareness plays a huge role in the success of the restoration industry. Simply knowing the dangers of unattended water, fire, or mold damage makes a homeowner more likely to call a professional.

Multiple Businesses, One-Voice

Although storms and the resulting damage often become Federal or State emergencies, it still falls on local companies to effect the repairs. Most restoration businesses operate locally as independent contractors, and because of that, it can be difficult for them to lobby for legislation affecting their industry.

That’s why the Restoration Association of Florida was formed. RAF is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to advocate for water, mold, and fire remediation professionals throughout the State of Florida.

Over the last several years, RAF has been able to help prevent the property insurance industry from getting legislation passed that would negatively affect independent restoration companies and homeowners.

How can you become a member?

RAF memberships are on a year-to-year basis and include instant access to industry news and resources, including legal advice for some tiers. A membership directory allows you to network with others in the region and to lend your support to the group as a whole when pending legislation could affect how you do business.  Contact us for more information on how you can become an RAF member.

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