How to Become a Restoration Contractor in Florida

Becoming a restoration contractor will provide you with many great opportunities. You are fulfilling a role that many people need to make it through tough circumstances. Pointing your clients in the right direction will not only put them at ease but give them a path to getting their life back to normal. Here’s how you can become a restoration contractor in Florida.

What certifications do you need to start a restoration company?

Although it is not legally required that you have any certifications before taking on a job, there are many disadvantages that come with not having one. For example, many businesses will outright refuse a contractor’s service if they do not have a license of any kind. This is because they will not have any grounds that they can trust you on. If you are unable to prove your education or what kind of person you are, then they will have no reason to trust that you will do a good job. 

The same thing goes for a lot of homeowners as well. People are looking for a surefire way to get their lives back to normal after experiencing damages to their property. Because of this, there is a pretty good chance that they are going to turn to someone with better credentials when choosing a remediator. 

Overall, while not required, having a certification is a way to give you an edge over your competitors. Proving that you know what you are doing will make you a trustworthy contractor who is worth hiring.

Signing Up for Courses

There are many different certifications that you can receive that add to your credibility. For example, the most common of these is the “Water Restoration Technician Certification” (WRT). A WRT is what most businesses look for when hiring a contractor, so make sure, if nothing else, you receive that certification.

Most courses only last 2-3 days, meaning that it should take no time at all before you are ready to get started. On top of that, most programs are relatively cheap, generally going for $200-$500.

How You Can Get Started

RAF memberships are on a year-to-year basis and include instant access to industry news and resources, including legal advice for some tiers. A membership directory allows you to network with others in the region and to lend your support to the group as a whole when pending legislation could affect how you do business. Contact us for more information on how you can become an RAF member.

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